Carrera Stand Mixer

Price: £399.99 + shipping 
Carrera Stand Mixer
Price: £399.99 + shipping 

Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked bread, especially when it's homemade - and if you love to bake, you'll love the power of the Carrera stand mixer - it's your must have ingredient in the pursuit of creative, culinary love, allowing you to create your very own recipe for freshly baked happiness.

Stirs the heart
and kneads the dough.

Mix like a boss

The Carrera stand mixer sports one of the most powerful motors for its class plus a high quality planetary drive. This combination can easily power through as much as 1.5 Kg of thick dough creating a consistent oven ready mix every time. And like a stealthy tiger, your Carrera mixer unleashes its supreme power quietly and smoothly giving you 800 Watts of planetary prowess at the flick of a switch. When it comes to cooking you're the boss… time to start mixing like one.

Clear & simple.

Forget complicated hard to understand manuals - the Carrera stand mixer has clear and simple, intuitive controls that make it extremely easy to use. With a digital dial and an integrated LED display that gives you fingertip control over selecting the right settings for this powerful kitchen partner, it even lets you know which attachments are best for any of its 8 speeds.

The highest safety features. Built in.

The Carrera stand mixer not only performs well at all its tasks but also has you covered with a host of well configured safety features.

Front drive with auto-stop sensor

A special sensor keeps you safe if you get too creative. The motor stops immediately if you remove an attachment during operation.
Auto stop

Safety first: Your food processor stops the moment you raise the stirring arm or do anything else unusual.
Overheat protection

If you ever manage to overwork your CARRERA stand mixer, it will shut off before it can overheat.
Soft drop

To protect your fingers, the machine head lowers slowly and gradually every time.
2-handed unlocking

You need two hands to raise and lower the machine head. That keeps them both out of harm’s way.

As stubborn as a mule.

Your Carrera food processor rests its hefty 10 kg weight on top of a generous aluminium non-slip base, meaning that however chaotic things get in your kitchen, the Carrera mixer will stand its ground and won't budge an inch.

So much more

With a front drive shaft that accepts a selection of optional attachments, you are ready to experiment in so many new ways. Simply lock, load and go!

Meat grinder
It doesn't always have to be meat with this attachment, it will happily grind its way through almost anything, meat or vegetable. More info...

3 pasta tools
Fresh pasta anyone? rolling and cutting for lasagne, fettuccini, ravioli and spaghetti to name a few - let's go Italiano! More info...

Endless grating and slicing can make even the most enthusiastic chef lose the will to live. Breathe new life into your kitchen prep with this handy time saving accessory. More info...

First slide
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First slide
Even more cool features
The ideal attachments

With stainless steel dough hooks, stirrers and whisk, your planetary drive can mix ingredients in next to no time. All you do is watch.

Splash guard

The Carrera stand mixer is designed to make batter without the splatter. It even has an opening so you can add ingredients while it’s running.

5L stainless steel bowl

However big or small your plans, the sturdy 5L stainless steel mixing bowl can cope. Cleaning is easy too.


Nobody likes dough or batter that sticks. That’s why Carrera coated the beater and dough hooks in high-quality Chemours non-stick Teflon®. For easier working – and effortless cleaning.

Safety cap

A safety cap protects the front drive shaft when it’s not in use. If you remove the safety cap (or an attachment) during operation, your stand mixer shuts off immediately.

Overheat protection

The best stand mixer is the one you want to use every day. And if for any reason you accidentally overload it, don’t worry: the thermal cut-off is smart enough to cope with that too.

Vegetable slicer/grater

With 3 different stainless-steel drums for cutting, grating and rasping fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese, nuts, chocolate and much more.
Price: £89.99

Meat grinder

With 4-wing stainless steel blade and various accessories for making your own minced meat, sausages, pasta and even shortbread biscuits.
Price: £99.99

Pasta roller

Easily selectable settings for up to 8 different dough thickness for making pasta sheets in widths of up to 140mm.
Price: £89.99

Spaghetti cutter

For cutting the pasta sheets pre-shaped with the Pasta roller into 1.5 mm wide, long and uniform strands of spaghetti.
Price: £89.99

Fettuccine cutter

For cutting the pasta sheets pre-shaped with the Pasta roller into 6 mm wide, long and uniform strands of fettuccine.
Price: £89.99

Product specs
  • Stable, high-quality base made from cast aluminium
  • Planetary drive blends ingredients efficiently and evenly
  • 8 speed levels
  • 800 W power for optimal results, even with large amounts of dough (up to 1.5 kg
  • Digital dial with LED display, speed and time indication and mixer-attachment recommendation
  • Front drive with quick coupling for easy attachment of optional accessories
  • 2-handed unlocking
  • Gentle lowering with finger guard
  • Mixing arm stops automatically when lifted
  • Front drive with auto-stop sensor
  • Overheat protection
  • Non-slip feet
  • Splash guard with funnel through which further ingredients can be easily added while the appliance is running
  • Dough hook and flat beaker with Teflon non-stick coating, durable stainless steel whisk
  • Stainless steel mixing bowl (5 l), splash guard with funnel
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